• Up Up And Away!

    The day is finally here! As I sit at the airport awaiting my flight (with an even more exciting stopover in Paris, France), I can’t help but think about what great things wait for me upon my arrival. There is so much that I plan to accomplish through this internship, I can barely sit still in these seats. Well, it certainly doesn’t help that the airport seats are incredibly uncomfortable, but nonetheless I struggle to contain the excitement. There were many things that I had to do before this day came. For instance, booking my plane ticket, getting the yellow fever vaccine, and worst of all– packing. “What should I bring? What am I forgetting? Is this enough for 2 months abroad?” These were but a few of the questions running through my head in the last week before my departure for Nairobi. Now that I am sitting here after all that stress, I can finally relax a bit. With an overpriced burger in hand, I chomp away as the hours go by before boarding my flight. Luckily, we get a few days to work on our jet lag because our orientation isn’t for another 4 days upon our arrival. I am thrilled to tour the hospital that I will call home for the next few months of work, and to strengthen my network with likeminded professionals to advance in my future work field of medicine.

    To be productive during my 22 hour flight, I plan to get a bit ahead on some of the tasks assigned to me by our mentor, Dr. Merali. Perhaps I can start on our new e-lecture series on Stress Management, or even start the literature review on Shame and Depression. But knowing myself all too well, I’ll probably end up binging a few movies here and there, one of the greatest perks of long flights is the complementary television the size of a wallet.

    Here we go, up up and away. See you on the other side readers!

  • Getting Started

    After months of getting situated, we finally began our placements for the Western Heads East Program last week. I couldn’t be more excited to be working with the Aga Khan Hospital this summer in Nairobi, Kenya! While I am working remotely for the time being, it has been even more exciting than I had hoped. We received our tasks for the month from our Program Coordinator, so I have been working on planning out the next few months of e-lectures and literature reviews that I have been assigned. From weekly meetings with our Western and Aga Khan Coordinators, to Swahili lessons, to preparing for our first e-lecture presentation in front of the health board at the hospital, we are definitely off to a busy start. I am excited to see what else we will accomplish in the coming weeks.

    Until then!

    Ariana Walji